International Flute Competition "Domenico Cimarosa"

Aversa 29 - 31 dicembre 2003
III Edition


Patrick GALLOIS (Francia)
Concert flutist - Conductor
Raymond MEYLAN (Svizzera)
Concert flutist - Musicologist
Antonio AMENDUNI (Italia)
Concert flutist - Docente Conservatorio G. Giacomantonio di Foggia
Dorel BAICU (Romania)
1° Flauto Orchestra Sinfonica di Bacau
Marino BARATELLO (Italia)
Composer - Conductor
Luigi ESPOSITO (Italia)
Composer - Musicologist - Conductor

The first two days of the competition were held in the magnificent hall "Romano" in Aversa just steps from the birthplace of the composer aversano and adjacent to the Theatre "Domenico Cimarosa".
In the front row from left:
Raymond Meylan, Antonio Amenduni, Fabio Di Lella, Patrick Gallois, Marino Baratello, Luigi Esposito, Dorel Baicu
Behind some participants to III edition


First place Sperissen Jean Luc

Prize of the jury room with a plaque of recognition of associations AISA and the Friends of the Park Wells Aversa.
The first award given to him by Mayor
Head in ebony and silver offered by Luigi Schiavone AV.
Scholarshipof €. 1.500,00 delivered by the Rotary International Club of Aversa, Three concerts paid in Romania offered by Big Agenci Bacau

Second place Krzeszowiec Jan Polonia
Diploma and scholarship of €. 1000,00

Third Place Daniel Monica New Messico
Diploma and scholarship of €. 500,00

Fourth Place Cottin Cècile Francia
Diploma and consolation prize of €. 250,00 offered by Rotary International.