International Flute Competition "Domenico Cimarosa"


The application can be downloaded here:   

SURNAME ___________________________________________________________
NAME ______________________________________________________________
PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH ___________________________________________
ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE ______________________________________________
STREET ____________________________________________________________
TOWN _________________________________________ ZIPCode ___________
DISCTRICT _________________________________ COUNTRY _______________
FISCAL CODE _______________________________________________________
PHONE _____________________________________________________________

I enclose:

1) Curriculum Vitae ;
2) Lists of the select composition for the tests;
3) Two Photos (card-photos);
4) Photocopy of an identity document
5) Photocopy of the receipt of the payment of the tax of registration
(the amount is 120,00 euros and it is not reimbursable)
on the cheque N.T. or on the postal current

IBAN CODE:    IT70C0760103200000022367007

headed to: Fabio Di Lella
                     Via Francesco Landino, 15 - 00124 Roma - Italia

I accept in conditionally the regulations of competition.

  DATE _____________________

  SIGNATURE ______________________________________

  For the minor it also needs the signature of one of his parents


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