International Flute Competition "Domenico Cimarosa"



- Competitors are not obliged to perform pieces by heart.

- The order of performance in the various tests can be chosen   freely by the competitor.

- The order of performance of the candidates, will be determined by order of arrival of the inscriptions, and it will be valid for all stages of selection.

- Travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by the participants.

- The Organization is available for indicating the best logistic offers and any convention with accommodation facilities.

- Mercadante and Bach of 1st round have repetitions?
  Yes! The jury could ask to the competitors to don't play the repetitions.

- In Bach Partita, ornate repetitions can be played in a different way than those proposed in the site (download).

- It is possible to send the complete application of attachments to the email address: info@concorsocimarosa.it alternative to regular mail.