International Flute Competition "Domenico Cimarosa"



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He graduated in flute at the State Conservatory of Salerno and specialised in wind instruments at the State Conservatory O. Raspighi in Latina. He continued his specialisation studies with great flutists such as C. Klemm; R. Fabbriciani; T. Wye; J. C. Masì. He also studied with Giuseppe Nova at the Scuola Superiore di Musica in Aosta (Diploma of Merit and scholarship) and with Maxence Larrieu at the Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale in Saluzzo and R. Guiot.Valuable for his artistic development was his meeting with Raymond Meylan in Basel, with whom he collaborated actively for over twenty years. He has performed as a soloist with various orchestras: the English Rastrick Brass Band; the Young Italian Symphony Orchestra; the Romanian State Orchestra; the Chamber Orchestra of Arad; the Symphony Orchestra of Trapani; the Virtuosi of Venice; the Chamber Orchestra of Caserta, the 'Fonopoli' Orchestra of Rome, the Orchestra of the Conservatorio 'Gesualdo da Venosa' of Potenza and the Chamber Orchestra of Zurich (Switzerland), Orchestra of the Conservatorio Di S. Cecilia in Rome, to name but a few. Cecilia of Rome, to name but a few.He has made several recordings for Rai1, Rai Edu2, Rai Vaticana and Streem-classica. For the 'Pagano' publishing house in Naples, he recorded the world premiere of 'Dada', for flute and computer, by Luigi Esposito, a work that is included in the first ever publication of the 'Enciclopedia Italiana dei Compositori Contemporanei'.
He has given concerts both in Italy and abroad in prestigious venues, such as the International Musiktage Festival in Koblenz, Gohliser Schlößchen in Leipzig, Germany; Kunstmuseum in Basel Switzerland; Festival di Saludecio, International Festival in Venice; Museo Campano in Capua, Italy. His association with Maria Teresa Roncone is fruitful, with whom he undertakes intense research on the interpretation of repertoires for flute with harpsichord, with piano, with organ, in particular on the Cimarosian repertoire.He also pursues activities as a reviewer for the magazine FA LA UT (memoirs of Marcel Moyse - translation).Researches: Concerto in G major for two flutes and orchestra by Domenico Cimarosa, Concerto in G major for two flutes and orchestra by D. Fiorillo, music repertoire by Gaetano Andreozzi (study of the author's handwriting - collation). He plays with a Muramatsu 14K gold flute. He teaches flute at the State Musical Institute 'W.A.Mozart' in Rome.
He also conceived and organised the following events as ARTISTIC DIRECTOR:Since May 1999 International Flute Competition Domenico Cimarosa "Rotary Club Prize".
From June 2001 concerts at the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Casaluce. July-November 2004 International Festival "L'Opera Buffa e il suo Genio".From November 2005 "Aversa Flute Festival.
MusicArte Città di Aversa: in 2001 he participated as organiser, the conference on Domenico Cimarosa, in collaboration with the State Conservatory of Avellino D. Cimarosa.
Since 2020 he has organised "Castel Fusano Melodica" (Chigiani Concerts), at Castello Chigi in Rome.

He oversaw the inauguration and followed the long restoration of 1749, 'Casa Cimarosa' in Aversa, closed for over 80 years.
He organised and commissioned the marble bust of Domenico Cimarosa, currently housed in the Parish of S. Audeno in Aversa, where the Baptismal Act of the illustrious 18th century Neapolitan musician is also kept.

Fabio Di Lella will premiere A. Rossi "Adagio alla Cimarosa" concert for flute and orchestra at the Court Theatre of the Royal Palace in Caserta featuring the "Gesualdo da Venosa" Conservatory Symphonic Orchestra based in Potenza, Italy

from left: Fabio Di Lella, Raymond Meylan, Jean Claude Masi

from left: Jean-Pierre Rampal e Fabio Di Lella

from left: Patrick Gallois e Fabio Di Lella

from left: Mariateresa Roncone e Fabio Di Lella

from left: (cembalo) Maria Teresa Roncone, (flauti) Pierre Yves Artaud, Fabio Di Lella

from left: Fabio Di Lella, Josè Daniel Castellon, Orchestra Domenico Cimarosa di Aversa

from left: Fabio Di Lella, Maxence Larrieu

from left: Fabio Di Lella, Raymond Meylan e Cimarosa

from left: Carlo Jans, Mariateresa Roncone, Fabio Di Lella

from left: Carlo Jans, Felix Renggli, Fabio Di Lella, Bernard Labiausse

from left: Louis Bacalov, Fabio Di Lella