International Flute Competition "Domenico Cimarosa"



The pianist Pina Coni

Pina she graduated in piano with honors, honors and honorable mention at the "Nicola Sala" of Benevento, where he later earned with honors diploma in Organ and Composition with Concezio Panone.
He graduated in Archaeological Heritage and the West in Classics, both with highest honors, at the Universia "L'Orientale" of Naples.

She studied with Aldo Ciccolini, Edward Hubert, Richard Franck, Mark Grisanti, with the "Trio Tchaikovsky", with the "Trio di Milano" at the School of Music in Fiesole, with the "Ars Duo" and Konstantin Bogino at the 'Ars Academy in Rome, where he followed the course of High Specialization in Chamber Music and has subsequently won a scholarship, for which he followed the course of virtuosity in the same discipline.
Currently attending the MA Degree at the Conservatory "Arrigo Boito" of Parma, studying piano with Roberto Cappello and Chamber Music with Pierpaolo Maurizzi.

He has collaborated with renowned musicians including singers Fiorenza Cossotto, Simone Alaimo, Sergio Bertocchi, violinists Beatrice Antonioni, Massimo Marin, Aldo Skein, flutists Maxence Larrieu, Felix Renggli, Bernard Labiausse, Jose-Daniel Castellon, Marco Zoni, Antonio Amenduni Roberto Fabbriciani, Enzo Caroli.

Was master collaborator hall and stage productions of Don Giovanni (Greek Theatre in Taormina), Rigoletto (Teatro Gesualdo di Avellino), La Traviata, Rigoletto, La Bohème, Lucia di Lammermoor, Lucrezia Borgia, Norma (Cervinara Opera Festival).
was assistant chorus master Martin Faggiani for Reate Festival 2010 and was subsequently called by Maestro Faggiani to accompany the Women's Choir of the Teatro Regio in Parma at various concerts.

Since 2005 she is a pianist of the National Competition flute "E. Krakamp" and the International Competition flute "D. Cimarosa".
With violinist Xeni Loukidou in 2010 has performed in the world premiere of the "Four Seasons" by composer greek contemporary Chronis Papamoschos.
Since September 2010 is the official pianist of Baby BoFè of Bologna Festival.
He has recorded for the House of Sound of Parma, for Sifare Edizioni Musicali and Bologna Festival.

She is the winner of competitions in which he participated both as a soloist and in chamber ensembles (including Competition "St. Cecilia" in 1995, the Competition "Gargano 1999", National Competition "Città di Caserta" in 2001, International Competition "Città di Barletta" in 2003, the National Competition "City of Formia" in 2004).

Age of nine plays with public success and critical acclaim in concerts as a soloist and in various chamber ensembles, from duo to quintet, with singers and instrumentalists, in Italy and abroad, playing among others at: Rome (Villa Torlonia, Association "La Stravaganza"), Bologna (Antonian Theatre, Sala Bossi), Parma (Auditorium del Carmine, exhibition "Cloister of summer", Verdi Festival), Milan (Teatro di Verdura), Ravello (Chamber Music Festival ), Capri (Capri Culture Association), Naples (Association of Professors Alessandro Scarlatti Orchestra, Association Napolinova), Benevento (review "Four nights of the full moon," festival "Benevento Entertainment", the Municipal Theatre), Austria (Konzertsaal Lisztzentrum of Raiding, Konzertsaal Haydn Konservatorium Eisenstadt), Greece (Thessaloniki Vafopulio Theatre, Theatre Grypario Mykonos), Germany (St. Andreas-Kirche Seesen).